As if dealing with sexism in the arts isn’t enough, older women face another ism that gets little attention, ageism. Older women artists continue to be overlooked, ignored or presumed past their prime or ability. Our objective is to bust the stereotypes and showcase the art life of women over 50, women whose passion and exploration in the arts is as vibrant and as exciting as ever.


Whatever I Damn Please

LA-based ceramist Sydney De Jong speaks with ENDPAIN about bold leaps, aging and art. "When I'm working... everything disappears, all the aches and pains. It takes your mind off yourself. You just sort of disappear."

Female Artists Are (Finally) Getting Their Turn

At the peak of her career in 1976, Georgia O'Keeffe refused to lend her work to a pivotal exhibition in Los Angeles, "Women Artists: 1550 to 1950." It was one of a wave of all-female shows - some 150 - that decade to spotlight artists largely ignored by major museums and galleries.

105-year-old Kimberley artist gathers international acclaim

Imagine you discovered you had an unknown talent at the ripe old age of 95. That's exactly what's happened around a decade ago to Daisy Loongkoonan, a quietly-spoken elder of the Nyikina people in the remote Kimberley region.

Overlooked But Undeterred, A 101-Year-Old Artist Finally Gets Her Due

For most of her career, Carmen Herrera's paintings of brightly colored geometric shapes went unnoticed, while her male counterparts - Barnett Newman, Ellsworth Kelly and Frank Stella - got plenty of attention for similar work. Herrera finally made her first sale at 89. And now, at 101, it seems she's getting her due at last.

Experience: I became a famous artist at the age of 94


A Decade of Difference (Paid Post by Belvedere From

South African artist Esther Mahlangu, 80, pushes boundaries to preserve her Ndebele culture.

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